The Odd Wife

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

On-Line,and more important, In-Line

As My Odd One mentioned we are back, rambling amidst the ether, here at home. It has been a trepadacious week for her, causing some serious anxiety on her end for the better part of a week. We have hashed out a load of trauma this past year and this is a rather significant move for us. It may sound lame to some but this is a big step from my perspective.

I abused this tool and as a result almost had my life as I knew it vanquished--and all because of my actions. I missed having the internet here, but it paled when compared to the thought of losing her. I've been watching her closely this week and have really enjoyed the great smile she has and the shine in her eyes. Missing out on a lifetime of that would be the real loss.

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