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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Message From Home...

My home, to be specific. Yep, DSL is restored in my household.

I'm as excited as I am apprehensive. I'll have much more opportunity to work late (from home), post more, manage more and work on some side projects.

It's back to work tomorrow after a couple days of R&R. I'm ready for it, today I found myself getting restless already. I very nearly went into work and had to curb my instincts. I managed to spend the day vegg-ing out with moves (Spanglish, Meet The Fockers, Closer) and cleaning up my hard drive.

Since I successfully did nothing - there's not much to say. So, in lieu of a wordy post, I give you some random images from my day...

100_0279 This would be my pouty labrador, Dutch. Dutch craves constant and unwavering attention and affection. Dutch also forgets that he weighs 90 lbs and thinks he is a tiny lap dog who can just hop on your lap.

100_0278 This is my super-snotty cat, Sasha. Sasha is also the fattest cat I have ever seen. It's her bitchy attitude that I adore...

100_0280 This is a picture hanging close to me as I write this - one of my favorites. Our living room decor is this bizarre theme: Tiki Martini Lounge. Somehow it works, mainly because we insist on it. We're still slowly adding to it.

100_0281 This is our magnetic message board (of course, it's a martini). And that would be EH's grocery list - doesn't he have the handwriting of a serial killer?

100_0284 One wall of our living room. I have no idea what color we painted the walls, but I love it. It's a sort of khaki meets dijon mustard color. At least one of the pictures shown in this picture was painted by me. I'm not talented, I just like to paint and I believe if you paint, you should display it (even if it's total crap).

100_0285 The top of our entertainment assortment of tiki statues, a ukelele, photos, candles and whatnot...

Just a glimpse. Nothing more. It's bedtime and an extraordinarily handsome man just went to take a shower...I plan to join him.

Good night!

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