The Odd Wife

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Updated..., last night was interesting.

Here's what we learned. For some reason, the pain pill slayed me last night. Did I take 2 too close together? Was it lack of food when the last pill was taken?

Shortly after my ramblings, I grew very sick, crawled to EH whining and eventually he put me to bed sick as a day. Either that or the infection toxins were having their fun.

Whatever. Apparently I really like my hair when I'm 'out of it'.

Here's the rest of the pictures from last night.

100_0346 100_0353

At least it shows my hair color better...

And here's the start of what was apparently going to be risque photos before I got sick. This would be my, pulling the front of my shirt out, sticking a camera down it and snapping. Those dots...? Freckles. No redhead is complete without them.


...I'm not depriving you. That truly was the final shot.

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