The Odd Wife

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Odd Honey-Do List

It's late and no one feels much like cooking in our home. I'm tired and still fighting off this icky feeling. EH is tired. Fortunately a very nice upscale grocery store is just a couple blocks away. EH volunteered to go.

On the back of a sales ad mailed to me, I wrote my list...

* Cat Litter
* Chicken Noodle Rings (for SG)
* Roast beef sub on white bread with provolone cheese, mayonaise, lettuce, tomato, onion, salt & pepper, pickles, banana peppers, oil & vinegar.

In the upper left corner, I wrote "I (heart) you very much!"

In the upper right corner, I wrote "I'd also like you...naked, sweaty and hard. Very hard. In my mouth. In my hands. In me. Hurry home, sexy!"

I couldn't stifle the giggles when I handed him the list. He promptly read it and grinned.

"Considering it has your name and our address on the front, I think this is one list I won't be leaving behind on the counter."

I love my EH. So much. So very much.

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