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Monday, May 02, 2005

Rosie O'Donnell--Funny for the 1st Time in Years

Last night CBS played the Hallmark film "Riding the Bus With My Sister", and when The Odd One and myself had switched it on at some mid-point we were dumbstruck. Part of me did not want a thing to do with the movie, and the other part of me--that part which loves movie disasters (and makes my wife's eyes roll)--did not want to miss it. There are those people who view Rosie O'Donnell as a caring and funny performer. Others see her as a corpulent banshee intent on hectoring people on what she perceives as right in the world. I'm in the latter camp.

We stared at the screen, trying to come to grips with what we were seeing. The other people in the cast were moving around and behaving like they were in a real film, but Rosie's performance as a mentally challenged woman floored us for its ridiculous attempt at acting. It looked and sounded like something you'd hear on an Opie & Anthony skit. But she was sincere. And deliciously awful. It was a performance on par with those shows on the medical channel where they extract 70lb. tumors from people--what is on screen is repugnant and yet you cannot look away.

But there are those who feel differently. On O'Donnell's blog the woman who loves exaltation made a post with the simple comment "post away", to allow scads of her fans to heap more worship upon her. Over 1,000 comments flowed in. Looking over these posts I became a little more enlightened on things. Rosie was essentially "acting" to the choir. Some examples--

Ally 9:03 AND YOU ARE THE CUTEST THING EVER!!! Folks, just to remind you, this is Rosie O'Donnell she's referring to.

Mir 9:10 I switched from Desperate Housewives to watch. I’m sure it will be worth it. I’m certain that Mir will not take the time to post when there is the lunge for the remote to return to Wisteria Lane.

TraciF 9:15 Ro_You Rock! I’m thinking a EMMY Nom should be headed your way for this one. This is the first of countless mentions of an Emmy for “Ro”. I cannot decide if this is an indication that her audience has a poor grasp of what constitutes good acting or how far the Emmy has fallen in esteem.

HeatherP 9:17 I’m already crying…you are terrific Rosie! Heather fires the opening salvo in a fusillade of posts about what a “weeper” this is. The others have to distinguish themselves by the measure of their tears (“My shirt is soaked”, “I’m on the second box of Kleenex”,

Kim 9:18 Possible controversy as Kim tries to post-time stamp her tears. Wow….9:15 and I’m already crying………great job Ro!

Sandy 9:21 Rosie - you are doing an incredible job of bringing dignity to this role….I love it. Thanks. All the while I had thought her method of gnashed teeth and loud assertions was channeling Ed Grimley--and embarrassing. Dignity had not come to my mind

Mimi from the Bronx 9:22 More controversy is afoot as Mimi claims to have been crying since 7:00 over “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”. I’m also welling up because I’m beginning to understand why shows like these are on the air.

Sage 9:22 I smell an Emmy! I wonder if this is a compliment or if Sage is in a compromising position in the office of a television executive.

Rachael 9:23 She posts about a particular scene she has just viewed. I’m already blubbering. Does it get more emotional than this? And what had she watched that was so emotionally stirring?
Beth in the park alone, eating a doughnut, looking at the full moon. I am blown away. Sooo…Rachael is moved by seeing Rosie, sitting down, and eating. Possibly method acting here, but hardly a stretch.

Bru 9:27 P.S. WE NEED MORE RO(sie) ON THE IDIOT BOX ! This was in a glowing post so I know Bru did not intend to deliver the most immaculately accurate assessment of the proceedings, but it is perfect.

MarcoBennett 9:42 A glimmer that not everyone is swayed. Sorry but I am not going to watch the movie. Going to go for a walk instead. It just doesn’t look like my cup of tea. This is a Rosie fan, and a tea drinker, and yet he would prefer to take a walk.

Christine 9:43 She feels Rosie’s acting is beyond television. I am very impressed with your acting Rosie. Always good, but this character is excellent. Academy Awards here you come.

Colleen 9:46 even the commercials make me cry… Now things are starting to come into focus with this crowd.

Eliza 9:56 In a post that mimics O’Donnell’s blogging style Eliza hits upon what is important in her first line. great movie, bad perm.

DIANE 10:18 EVERYTHING YOU DO AND TOUCH IS GOLD. Now I could use this moment to point out the disaster she made of her magazine, but instead I’ll simply use three words—“Exit to Eden”.

Janice 10:28 I thought Tom Hanks was so convincing as Forrest Gump, but you beat even that. Maybe, Janice, just maybe. BUT—does this compare at all to…Ed Grimley???

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