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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Tragic, Really...

Did you ever wake up and just know it was going to be a rotten day? You dread going to work, you're cranky and miserable and expecting the worse? There's no sunshine, just grey clouds overhead (literally) and you know it's awful, but you can't manage to put on a positive attitude any better than you can put on those tight pantyhose in the dark.

I'm grouchy. I don't feel good. I want to stay home. And I hate my job right now.

I slept on it and that bullshit from yesterday is still pissing me off. I'll have to find a way of dealing with it today or this won't work. I'm the kind of person who showed up at work Monday morning after losing the baby in a dramatic labor and delivery scene that weekend. I stay until late, late at night when needed. I bring work home. I go out of my way to get things done. I never leave early. I never take long the ONE time my lunch ran over (we went to a restaurant that was slow) - you just don't give me shit like that. You just don't tell me I have to make up 20 minutes THAT week.

You have to understand, my supervisor is this 20-something year old girl who is the unofficially adopted child of my bosses. You get the picture?

I'm finding that I am insulted enough to quit. It's not about the 20 minutes. I have never once left the office on time, and hardly ever even TAKE lunch, so the time being made up isn't an issue. It's the attitude. That "fuck you, we don't appreciate you" atttitude.

Yep. Today is going to suck.

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