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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Blog-a-thon Question #4 from Ed

I'm slowly getting around to these...

#4: Have you ever been stopped for speeding? (and did you manage to charm your way out of it?!)

Yes, many years ago and definitely not!

I was 17 and speeding, although not wildly - maybe 10 mph over. I was heading home from my afterschool job and coming around a curve in the road where a speedtrap had been set up. A motorcycle cop stepped into the road in front of me and held up his hand.

Well...I was not only speeding a bit, I was also fiddling with my radio. I didn't see him until the last possible moment when he had to leap out of my way. I didn't even try to talk my way out of it...

Other than that, EH will tell you I drive like a grandmother. I do the speed limit, but won't speed. I signal before every turn or lane change. I never turn right on red if there's a sign saying not to.

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