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Friday, May 06, 2005


I survived surgery!

Yay! Surgery was a piece of cake...kinda. Recovery is the bitch.

I admitted to the surgeon how afraid I was. He gave me nitrous oxide first, then a tiny iv in the hand. He said I would begin to feel like I had been drinking heavily, but in truth, everything just went numb. Then, no more.

I can only assume I was unconscious. If I wasn't, it doesn't matter. I remember being poured into a wheelchair. I remember being dropped heavily into the car. I remember home and EH trying to get me inside as my legs melted into the ground repeatedly.

I remember sleeping.

I remember waking up...pools of blood in my mouth, great pain, etc., etc.


It's been hours now and I actually feel less awful than I feared. Of course, I am keeping the Vicodin doses mighty close. At one point I asked for one and EH told me to wait an hour (every 4-6 hours and it had only been 3). I waited 1/2 hour and called him again...when he came in I could only manage to say "Vicodin RIGHT NOW!". He complied, so he gets to live. Since then, I've taken the precious pills at the 4 hour mark ON THE DOT.

I'm on it now. Which is why I am completely boring. And while I think the typing is okay and not ridden with spelling errors, I have to admit I am doing a lot of backspacing to fix stupid mistakes.

And now dizzy and nauseous again. Time to lie down again. Thanks for all the well wishes. They meant a lot...

By the, my mother-in-law called to ask how I was. My dad called. My neighbor called. The receptionist at my office called.

My mom??? Nope. No calls from mom...

Ugh. Sick. Yuck. Lie down time.

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