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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Step Away from the Voodoo Doll!

I made it to work today...barely. But being there did feel so much better to me. The pain in my back was fairly intense and made sitting very hard. By mid-morning I was at wits end and called my primary care doctor for an immediate appointment. Left work early and headed off.

It did not go well.

Dr. Rubin didn't give a rat's ass about my back...he hit the damned ceiling over my blood pressure, my pulse rate and the sound of my heart beat.

I'm not responding to my blood pressure meds. I'm on the maximum dosages and today he even had me double up on the water pill as an extreme measure and it's not working. My pressure dropped for about an hour and then climbed right back up. That's pretty bad news all around and I don't even want to talk about what it means. He's giving me one week to get it under control with extra meds. After that, it's a real possiblity we'll be moving into some ugly territory starting with hospitalization.

Naturally, all this upsets me which isn't helping the blood pressure.

So, follow me here...

dentist = abscess tooth = oral surgery = dizziness = back pain = primary care physician = heart failure.

Only in my world, I swear.

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