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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Odd Online Things

I used to be the Queen of the Internet. No...really. I was.

I worked from home and the internet was new and I discovered some nifty tricks and tips to really get the most of my online time. One year, we had a HUGE 100% free Christmas thanks to my online adventures.

Now, granted I never have the time to explore the internet the way I used to, but I'm a smart girl and I'm pretty sure I still know my way around. So, why not share the goodies with you?

First of all, I love getting free things in the mail. I used to get 20-30 free things in the mail every day ranging from cookies to sneakers. But, I lapsed. Let's see if we can't all get some free things...

Start Sampling is a super cool site. You can choose a free sample to be mailed to you everyt day ranging from dog food, coffee, snacks, etc. It takes all of 30 seconds to do each day and the stuff adds's so handy when you realize you're out of coffee at 6 am and remember you have a free sample tucked away. You earn 'Frequent Tryer Miles' for visits, samples, surveys, etc. that you can redeem for small prizes.

Free Ride is one of my favorites - and it was a huge part of my 'free Christmas'. You log in each day and earn tokens for online shopping (if you're going to buy something online anyways just link through your Free Ride site and earn tokens on the can also earn tokens for taking surveys, signing up for email newsletters, etc. Your tokens add up pretty quick and are redeemable for gift cards at popular shops and restaurants. I believe I had redeemed tokens for a couple $50 JC Penny gift cards that I used towards that free Christmas. You get 500 points just for I earned 500 tokens for a 2 minute survey.

I'll keep digging and posting. A great deal of my finds are usually discount codes for shopping. Sometimes I find $20 off of $30+ which is pretty sweet.

Anyway - dizziness is temporarily subsided, but back really hurts...

XOXOXO. I'm trying to rejoin the actively living folks!

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