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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Ohhhhh yes! It's a WILD Night at Odd & Even's House Tonight!

First, my back feels better.

And, the new office manager at the chiropractor's office attempted to tell me that I look like Julianne Moore. Of COURSE I do. I think I love her (the office manager, not Julianne Moore), even if she is seriously delusional. Your hear me, Dr. Wald? She stays! Good help like that is mighty hard to come by.

100_0467Second, we have two tiny housegueats tonight. EH discovered the darling duo abandoned and suffering in intense heat in a corner of his work back lot. A tiny brother and sister. He is incredibly timid and little sister is very adventurous. Both are so adorable and content to cuddle in your arms for hours. SG and I took a kitten nap - as opposed to a cat nap - where we dozed while kittens dozed on top of us. We're keeping them overnight to take them to the shelter, yes we are-yes we are-yes we are-yes we are. We are not keeping them, no we aren't-no we aren't. I think we're the first humans they've known, so we made efforts to handle them as much as we could before taking them to the shelter.

Hey! I found this gem online and I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!! Paul Anka singing JUMP by Van Halen is just beyond value. Ladies? Father's Day is just around the corner!

A-a-a-a-a-a-and.....As long as we're dropping gift ideas - I really want this one...

You know, I remember when I was cool. Partying all night. I've eaten pizza at 3 am with Emmy-award winning pals. I've danced on stages. I've cavorted. I've done things I wouldn't tell my mother about (even though she was usually with me when I did them anyways...). And now...what??? I sleep, cuddling with kittens watching Wonder Woman Season 1 on DVD and blogging to you.

I need a life.

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