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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

This Could Be Bad...

I've posted in the past about our elderly landlady/neighbor that we look after and her many brushes with death. Somehow that woman just keeps on going...

Or maybe not.

Last night, we got home a bit late. SG had her annual pool party celebrating the end of the school year at her gifted teacher's house and a few errands kept us on the go until late. It was "garbage night", so EH went next door to fetch our landlady's trash and check on her.

Meanwhile, I'm watching tv and surfing the web. My phone rings. It's EH.

"Come help me...something's wrong."

It looks like she may have had a stroke. She was lying twisted on her floor, conscious and breathing rapidly as if in extreme pain. Her hands shaking violently. She would respond "Yes" or "What" to her name only and nothing else. This woman will usually talk you into a coma, given the chance, so for her to be unable to communicate scares the hell out of me.

It's not good. She could have been there all day.

Paramedics took her in to the local hospital, but now the challenges are in front of us. Her only family is 2 grown daughters who live far away. The hospital will not release any information via telephone or in person to EH or I since we are technically not family (although we're thought of as family). We have no way of finding out her condition.

This could be very bad.

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