The Odd Wife

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Kids, Be Sure to Drink Your Coffee

For inexplicable reasons last night I could sleep not. Every 20 minutes I was rolling over, my brain on high idle. So on the ride to work I was on auto-pilot, then when I drop off TOW she says, "Oh, here, I still have the card and we need gas." We kiss adieu, and I make a bee-line for the nearest mail box to send off a clutch of movies to and get new films tomm. I get out of the car and with the DVDs in one hand and the credit card in the other I'm about to fish out my wallet and slide the plastic cash away when the phone starts ringing.

"Honey, you have to get back here! I left some mortgage files in the back seat!"

Dump the discs in the slot, make for the car, and double back to my betrothed. I hand off the documents and get a bonus kiss, and then we are both on the way to work. But wait a tic.......

I pull out the wallet and the reserved slot is barren. Looking around there's nothing to find in the passenger's seat, the floor betrays no important items, and nothing new has ferreted itself between the seats. I dart over to the parking space beside were I had parked--no discovery. Retracing my steps I am sure nobody could have been here in the short time I was gone and the card will be found abandoned on the path I had taken.

Then I stare for ten seconds at the maw where I had tossed the movies into the mail.

The Odd One had called just as I had arrived at the mail boxes and in order to grab my phone I had to switch the card to the hand holding the movies, and when she told me I had to get back to her immediately in went the parcels, bank card included. I stood there with my mouth hanging open like the mail slot.

I was promised death if we couldn't retrieve it and at lunch she got it back, so I was able to plead down to incurring a limp inducing injury. She's resting now so I bet I have a shot coming to me tonight in my sleep.

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