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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Catching You Up...

So, where were we...?

I resigned from my job on June 4th and accepted the offer I mentioned. A risk, sure - but a hell of a lot more money and a huge opportunity. I start the job this Monday. Leaving was so bittersweet. My bosses, co-workers - they have been so wonderful to me and I was very pleased to leave on such good terms. It felt like breaking up with someone I loved.

June 8th found me in the hospital over an abnormal EKG during a lunchtime doctor appointment. It ended up being the greatest thing that ever happened to me - I was thoroughly examined by an excellent cardiac staff and found to be fine. No heart failure. Nothing. Just high blood pressure which is under control with medication.

June 15th was the 1 year 'anniversary' of discovering EH's online relationship with the Whore. For some reason I was extremely aware of that date. We decided to 'reclaim' it for us and celebrated with a fantastic steak dinner from Outback and a movie at home with lots of cuddling. And, somehow - just like that - it was behind us and so much of the weight was lifted off my shoulders. I've felt wonderful ever since.

I continue to see my favorite chiropracter, Lance, who never fails to go above and beyond. I tell my friends that I see a man once a week and pay him to bend my body into strange twisted positions while putting all his weight on me. So, I figure we're sort of dating... EH rolls his eyes at me over that one.

The sex life between EH and I has greatly improved. The Saturday before Father's Day found me wandering the local Hustler store at 11:30 at night choosing tasty treats. Doc Johnson's Good Head is pretty special stuff. LiquidV does't impress me much. Overall, I am no longer fretting about being neglected.

The biggest news I can share with you is just that I'm happy. Really happy. It's been so long, that I forgot what it felt like. I started counting and just lost track after 8 days of pure happiness. Doc Lance kidded that I was a 'new girl' and re-introduced himself. My co-workers remarked on the wattage of my smile.

Vibrant. Alive. Happy. Fun. Back to being me.

I rejoined my gym and have been diligently paying my dues in more ways than one. My landlady DID have a stroke and we're plotting a move now.

Somehow, everything has been coming up roses lately for us.

And now, I really do have to leave you - EH is pacing the stairs and I promised him I would be RWA earlier.

RWA = Ready, Willing and Able.

I hate to disappoint, so off I go!

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