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Sunday, June 26, 2005

On Being the New Girl

Tomorrow I start the new job.

In retrospect, I should have tried to allow a short break of a day or two off between leaving the last job and beginning the new job - but I felt obligated to extend my stay at my previous job to the very end (even asking my new employer to accomodate the overstay).

If you haven't figured it out, my stalker would have already posted that I work in the mortgage industry. I adored my loan officers and was asked (and was happy to) stay long enough to ensure that their needs were met and their deals were well cared for. I am the first to leave on such outstanding terms and even at my going away party, two of my top producing loan officers were trying to figure out how to give up portions of their own commissions to make up the income difference and keep me there. Unfortunately, it's clear as day that my opportunities are more plentiful at the new place and that could not be matched.

For starters, I am walking into a restructuring scenario with an opportunity to build the processing side into what I believe it should be. I am also going to be trained to underwrite. In addition, I will be entering the commercial loan area on top of the residential side.

Best of all, the "boss" is a dear friend and I already have friends there waiting for me to join them. There is a giant disco ball suspended from the ceiling (and operational!) just a few steps from my could I NOT fit in?

I'm wanted at the new job in a way that is flattering. Before I even put a pen to paper at my new desk I am expected with happy anticipation. It would be hard to not feel welcomed.

Still, I'll be the new girl for a bit, won't I? They'll have a fine time reckoning my odd ways. My former job had come to love my cube decorated like a "New Orleans Brothel" and everyone seemed a bit sad to see it look empty and bare on my last day.

I wonder what experiences Monday will hold for me. I expect them all to be wonderful.

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