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Friday, July 01, 2005

Oh, Happy Day!

Despite an initially stress-filled morning at work, midday found me beaming with pride at having spearheaded a closing without supervision or assistance. $161,000 under my exclusive control and it seems to have gone swimmingly!

The day took a dramatic turn when I escaped the office at 3 pm for the day!

My manager had an experience Wednesday night that inspired me. She was working an all-nighter (as she's done much of this week) and had sent her children home with the company owner's who borrowed her truck for space and left her the Jag. At about 3 am, she grew exhausted and decided to head home for a few hours sleep and a shower. She grabbed a keyring and locked the office and headed to the parking lot. Realizing she had left her purse/cell phone in the office, she shrugged it off and continued to the Jag. Imagine her surprise when the keys didn't fit. She had grabbed the wrong set.

She was locked out with no phone or money in the middle of a somewhat remote area at 3 am. Instead of pitching a fit or getting upset, she climbed the stairs to the rooftop and pulled two chairs together and stretched out. Being a religious woman, she asked "God, what is this?" and she felt the answer was "I had to slow you down to get you to talk to me".

When we (as a company) arrived at work at 8:30 am, we found her curled up, patiently waiting someone to let her in. Without letting her bright smile slip even a notch, she grabbed her purse and headed home to shower and came back in under an hour ready to work.

What blew my mind was how she handled the situation with grace and inspiration. She genuinely felt God had slowed her down to force her to spend time with him.

Now, I'm Pagan, but I got much out her mishap. I've felt for some time that I've been neglecting the spiritual side of my life and this hit home. I wondered what the Goddess might have to say to me.

Off early, I headed straight for my favorite witchy shop where I replenished my candle supply and treated myself to two meditation cd's and a crystal. When I left, the afternoon rains had begun and I tipped my head back and let it fall on my face. I felt renewed.

I beat EH and SG home and settled in to my cd. My first was actually a self-hypnosis cd and I achieved levels of relaxation that I never knew existed. I woke at the final command and spent some time appreciating the beauty of the patterns on our ceiling.

I feel rebalanced.

EH joined me just as I woke (fresh from a shower!) and immediately began to engage in some skin time. Unfortunately, I had to turn him down for the second time today since our young one was still wide awake and about. But when she falls asleep, I am going to pounce on that man. The idea of two wasted erections just kills me.

There will be some serious caressing, stroking, nibbling, licking and sucking going on in the Odd Household and then I plan to treat him to some seriously napalm-hot sex. Doc Johnson's brand new tube of Good Head may well be depleted tonight. I encourage you to click on that link and read a dead-on review of if you aren't familiar with this treat. I like the Juicy Passion Fruit flavor, myself, but the mint sounds nice too! I was curious as to what this stuff did and read this article to confirm my suspicions. First, it tastes very nice. Not in a cheap, flavored lube way - but rather in a candy way. EH becomes my personal lollipop with this and there's no after taste. Second, it has a cool tingly sensation to the lucky guy that pleases and there's a very, very subtle numbing effect that happens to your mouth which allows you to take him in deeper and not feel a tired jaw sensation. I discovered that I could orally please EH for an eternity without tiring of it.

Again, I can't recommend it enough. For me, already an oral-addict, this was a welcome discovery to make it even better. For someone new or hesistant with oral sex, this stuff will help ease you into it and make it mutually pleasurable.

And...somehow this post has digressed to blow jobs. I warned you that I have a one-track mind and now you know exactly what's on it!

What I meant to tell you was that I feel renewed, restored, relaxed and delightfully alive!

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