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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Needs Must...

I need to stand outside in a summer rain (which we have daily here in Florida) and feel the raindrops on my face. I need to let it soak through my clothes, plastering them to me and jump in puddles.

I need to watch a sunset turn the clouds into color-changing/shape shifting works of art in perfect silence.

I need to be made love to in a wordless, slow, gentle way - peppered with kisses, slicked with sweat.

I need to read a really good book.

Need, need, need.

My mind and body are spent. Day 2 of the new job was even more stressful than Day 1. Today, I got a crash course in pulling closing packages and wiring the funds to close. We closed 17 loans today. Any mistake could have could hundreds of thousands of dollars. I appreciate their trust in me. After an hour of showing me how, they sent me on my way to take over the process. By the time I stood up, my entire body was sore and stiff from stress. My brain turns off when I walk out the door (late again) and I feel as if my work is my life at the moment. Fortunately, EH makes up the difference by making dinner and giving me space to breathe.

I'm eagerly looking forward to my chiropractor visit tomorrow. I spent a good portion of the day in a horrible contraption masquerading as a chair and my poor back is screaming for help. Doc? Get the dull pulsing machine warmed up - I'm going to have to be forcibly removed from it at this point.

But my needs...? Needs must, right? Well, my needs must wait for the time being. I have a lot on my plate.

But a girl can dream.

And, EH...? Thanks for being my rock, as usual. You continue to be the reward for everything I do.

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