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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

In and Out, Slow and Deep...

That's my breathing.

In and out, slow and deep. Repeat.

It's 9 pm and I have just made it home from work. I did take a lunch break today at about 3 pm when I felt like I was going to spontaneously combust from the pressure and I did sneak out at 6 pm for an hour with my 2nd favorite guy (Doc Lance)...but other than that, I worked my ass off...again.

I had moments today when I thought "I understand the dream now" but I think I overcame it or re-perspecticized it, anyway. In the end, my second wind hit and I left feeling hopeful and exhuberant. Or maybe that was from my weekly cracking...who knows?

EH has been amazing. He's gone over and above to pick up slack around the house while I work this way. What can I say - I am in love with a wonderful man! Lucky, lucky me.

I was chatting with a friend today on messenger who's a bit down with his marriage. Somehow it came around to my marriage and he asked why I wasn't frustrated with EH's lack of job motivation.

Look, here's the gig. Yes, it frustrates me. Yes, I wish we had more money. But I married for love, not money. I fell in love with a writer. Brilliant, sexy as hell, kind, loving, gentle and selfless. He is what he is. Every night I fall asleep beside him, I think about how lucky I am to be with this incredible guy.

Money would be nice, but I got one better. I married the love of my life. You can't buy that.

Go tell your husband or wife how much you love them. If you don't feel the need or can't - then think long and hard about your relationship. Can you make it better? If not, consider a change. I firmly believe in marriage being sacred and wonderful. If you're not in love, you're missing out. It's been many, many years past the honeymoon phase and my husband is still the one. And by that, I mean the one.

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