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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Our Half of the Fourth

It was a rather fine weekend for the both of us, I must say. Mostly we spent time just relaxin’ and getting together with our friends on two separate occasions. It may be a sad fact but if there is anything needed to underscore how great OW and I have things it is to spend time with a couple who are completely adrift in their marriage.

Saturday, as my Bride reported, we saw “War of the Worlds” with them and the contrasts betwixt ourselves and the two of them is obvious. They rarely speak, hold hands, or interact on most levels. The Odd One and I meanwhile are in perpetual communicado. We said more to each other during the picture than they had all night—she repeatedly saying “I’m scared”, me tossing caustic comments due to my MST3K afflicted mind. Yesterday was even worse, the undercurrent of their tension blatant the whole while at their home, and it is clear how different my wife and I have things in our own relationship.

Small things, odd things, and things arcane to all but ourselves are always going on with us. Saturday found us in a store for needs and we made off with hair dye for the daughter and my love of dopey movie marketing was sated with a Bobba Fett Pez dispenser. Sunday saw us making love while “Jaws” played on the television, a possibly morbid thought but my fondness for sharks made it a rather natural thing. Most would be scratching their heads at such but to us it is all accepted with little more than a smile. WE understand, and that is all that matters.

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