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Sunday, July 10, 2005

I Scream Sunday (Ice-Cream Sundae!)

No signifigance to the post title, it just sounded fun.

Going out for ice-cream last night at 11:30 pm was insane. Another squall hit as I was at the McDonald's drive-through paying for my fruit & yogurt parfaits and getting back home was scary as hell. The street signs were flipping violently in the wind on their metal posts, rain burst from above and poured down in sheets so that my windshield wipers on full speed were still useless and heavy winds pushed my car around on the road as I drove slowly home.

I can't deny it, I dreamt all night long about the houses. In my dreams I was painting, picking cabinets, landscaping...I have all 5 houses remodeled in my mind.

Woke this morning to cuddle with my incredible EH. As we snuggled close in our half-asleep state, he wrapped his arms around me and mumbled, "Still on your period?" to which I responded "yes". (Two days, and he thinks it's over?) And thus, we went back to sleep.

Finally waking, we discovered a tree lying heavily on our roof. I'm pretty sure that's going to become a problem. But since we have to move, I'm letting it be someone else's problem.

We had breakfast at Einstein Bros. and then went grocery shopping. Coming home, we divided the household chores 3 ways and tackled the chores. I think we did pretty good!

I don't know why I love Sunday's so much. There's something easy about them. I love spending the day puttering around the house together, watching tv, relaxing...

And I love the food. Every Sunday is 'Spaghetti Night'. EH and SG are tired of it, but I love it.

Time to STOP cleaning and START renewing my spirit, strength and energy for the coming week. I expect it to be just as busy and hectic but I know I can make it to the next weekend. I'm going to go play with my self-hypnosis tape.

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