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Monday, July 11, 2005

The Kind of Love...

I worked all day with EH on my mind. The feel of being held close to him, with my face against his chest. His eyes, his smile, his touch.

When I got home, I went straight into his arms.

I am as baffled as the next person that I could feel this much after so many years. Over a decade and still I react to seeing him the way young couples newly in love might. I only hope it never fades.

Yesterday, EH was wearing a new pair of board shorts he'd bought that fit snugly and emphasized his...package. Naturally, my eyes were drawn there all day long. EH kept laughing and saying I was looking at him like he was a piece of meat. Eventually, I remarked back to him and his smart-ass remarks.

I asked him, "Does it make you feel good that I look at you always with such love, lust and adoration?" and he agreed that it did.

I smiled and told him "Well, maybe that's my way of treating you well. Just because I look at you like 'God's Gift to Women' doesn't mean you are. It only means you are to me"

I understand that my husband, my marriage and myself are all imperfect. I could point out flaws and bemoan the tough things. But the love between us supercedes the compromises and struggles. It means more to me than finding the flaws.

Last night, watching Swimming With Sharks together - we were teasing each other and he annoyed me and I pushed his foot off of mine as we lay side by side. He put it back and a small wrestling match of feet evolved. I finally snapped "Stop touching me!" and he stared at me defiantly, then leaned over and licked my arm. We both cracked up. It's such a small, silly thing but it is so indicative of our relationship and how we play. I really was annoyed, but it dissolved the moment he licked me and made me laugh.

I wonder what we'll be like as little old folks. Will we still be wrestling and laughing? Will we still be racing into each other's arms (or at least pushing the walkers fast?).

I hope so. I believe so.

I know so.

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