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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Who Were You?

Sunday is a great day to renew your spirit and refresh yourself for the coming week Since I tend to work under heavy stress, I need to seek out the relaxation side.

I have this great self-hypnosis tape that regresses you to find past lives and see if you shared them with people around you now. The theory is that you travel throughout time with the same souls primarily in different places in your life. Your husband could appear in past lives as your mother, brother, son or grandfather, who knows?

The greatest influence on my thoughts about reincarnation come from the book Many Lives, Many Masters. In this book, the theory as I recall it is that your soul travels through many life cycles until you have learned and mastered all the lessons needed, at which point you would become a "master" or spirit guide of sorts for other souls. This is a good explanation for calling someone an "old soul" when they seem extraordinarily wise. SG seems to be an old soul. EH and I are not. You repeat lives surrounded by the same souls in your circle although those people eventually move on to become masters.

Whether or not you believe in past lives, self-hypnosis absolutely works and is incredibly relaxing. You are directed to awaken feeling refreshed, relaxed and full of peaceful thoughts and harmony.

My frustration is that I can never remember anything when I come out of it. I'm trying to work on that. I have this really dream like vague memory after one session of the names Frank (or Fred) and Shelly and some sense that we may have been Depression era farmers - but I can't get any clear thoughts on it. I guess poverty is a recurring theme for us, huh?

So, I'm you believe in past lives? Any ideas what it might have been like for you?

You think about it, I'm going to go regress for a bit!

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