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Monday, July 11, 2005

The Covenant That Bonds

Down here in the phallic south we have had a tumultuous weekend, of sorts. Friday we drove in a torrent and got home late to watch the news. It was 11:00 and the phallanx of reporters dispatched to the beach were in full force, dutifully--and bravely--detailing for us the terror of 45 mile per hour winds. Of course the drama and import of their dispatches was blunted slightly by the fact that we had just been through the drive-through picking up dinner in those very conditions.

Saturday was a long one in the home search, but it had a cool thrill attached to it as we speculated what we could do with each house we visited. One common theme seemed to be the conversion of any backyard shed into a tiki bar. It was rather apparent that wherever we end up it will not take long for us to morph the dwelling into a home. The entire weekend was spent with all of us together, and never was it less than pleasurable. Even after a full day slogging across the county we spent a night shopping, each of us claiming their own sundries, nothing but contentment to be heard even with fatigue setting in.

Now that the storms have abated here we are left with two things: foliage strewn avenues, and windless, stagnant days of oppressive sauna conditions. One attribute of tropical storms is that when they blow through there is usually an atmospheric lull of no clouds and little wind. That translates to blazing sun and tons of water on the ground evaporating to deliver air with nearly 100% humidity. The good thing (for me) is that I thrive in these conditions, being a lifelong resident. In summer I am outdoors often, ride in the car sans A/C, and actually feel energized while most around me wilt. As G. Gordon Liddy says, the trick is not minding.

One thing is required however. Slurpees. These basic drinks do the job in slaking what ails ya. Each one of us crave these, including the dog who requires his own kids-size version. Some time ago we instituted The Slurpee Covenant, which stipulates that whenever a member of this clan acquires this drink they must purchase a requisite amount for the remaining members. However you must tread lightly when venturing into this realm. AND, if it is not too late for you, today is your shot at getting free Slurpees. (Why? Check the date.) It is the 40th Anniversary of the drink so get the free 7.11 ouncer (get it?)

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