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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

There's More Than Just Movies--There's Merchandise

One of Hollywood's classics--and one among my all-time favorites--is getting the sequel treatment. That's right, Sony is getting ready to make "Roadhouse 2: Last Call". I will go on record now as saying there is NO WAY they can approach the sterling perfection of the Swayze classic.

Recently I mentioned how I appreciate not just bad movies but also bad movie merchandise, promotional swag, and the like. Here is a great article about a really poor movie toy from "The Fantastic 4" --The Human Torch, riding an ATV! The list of reasons cited is hilarious, and I love that the vehicle has Spiderman hubcaps, making this weak attempt at a quick buck a recycled weak attempt by craven toymakers. I am getting one this weekend for sure!
One thing I will contest with the writer is that this is not the worst movie promo ever. Hell, just last year I nabbed a dog waste bag dispenser from the film "Good Boy". It was a dog themed movie, but you are begging for the vicious comparisons to dog crap when you put your film's name on a product like this.

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