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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Good Vibrations vs. Tongue Thunder Down Under

Getting a woman off isn't easy. I know that. Our anatomy is more complicated. The things that need to be rubbed and touched are slightly north of the place most men spend their time.

I get that. I'm okay with that. I will reach orgasm during 98% of sexual encounters through a combination of EH's skills and my own efforts. I like orgasms. I am determined to have them. Lots of them.

But I'm curious...I prefer the vibrator to oral sex when it comes to pleasing me. (We all know I'm not going NEAR EH with a vibrator after the grand mal sexual seizure incident!) What I mean is this - you know how I posted the other day about providing pure pleasure to EH without reciprocation? Well, EH has mentioned that he would be willing to do that for me...only I'm going to have to tell him I'd prefer vibrating fun over just oral sex. It's 10x more enjoyable for me.

Now, don't say he's not doing it right. He is. I've guided him through it. It's fine. He's hitting the right spots, he's willing to go as long as it takes - but this method can take forever...

EH bringing me pleasure through vibrator fun, oral fun, etc would be so lovely.

Is it me? Do most women prefer oral over vibration? Something about the sensation is just much, much more pleasurable to me...

Guys? Do you prefer one over the other? Would it bother you if your girl prefered you to use a vibe with her as opposed to just oral?

Girls? What's your preference?

I'm curious...

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