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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

EH's Spin on Things

As my bride so assiduously detailed previous we had a rather satisfying weekend on the front-40. A night at the movies is always something of an adventure but we have learned the lesson on not seeing a film in the first few weeks, when the theater is packed mostly with those who want to do anything but watch the movie. “Ocean’s Twelve” had maybe a dozen people watching with us and I only got anxious because there was no bar scene and had to make my contraband martini about 1 hour in during a benign meeting sequence—although the early scene with Topher Grace and the trashed motel room would have worked because he had a slew of empty airline bottles of Bombay Sapphire on the dresser, which is exactly what I had smuggled in.

We did have a fine time with the removable arm rest that allowed us to get too close in the dark and fuel a lengthy night of physicality, which followed a lengthy afternoon of such before the movie. It has been long established in this space that The Odd One has a sexual appetite that can only be labeled as voracious, and I can attest to the accuracy of said description. While most would say this is a blessing for me—and I would agree with most—it is also not a situation for the weak of will. Even as we launched our attack on each other in the daylight hours she was planning our night time interlude, verifying that I would be up for the task.

And I was, with some effort from my orally gifted wife. To this I will say I am grateful, because I have heard the plaintive wail of so many men who bemoan their wives’ reluctance to travel south of the border. I cannot identify. When these moments arise, (heavy emphasis on the plural there) TOW’s face actually alights and she languidly and energetically sets to it. Sorry guys, but it is the truth. And she is good at it—damned good. Sorry again. There have been times when she has asked me for pointers on how to make it better and more enjoyable, and what can I say? “Ummm, a pizza might be nice.”?

We were active well past 3:00 am and dozed late of course, only to awaken to feed the pets and set the child up with breakfast in order to give us the time to have yet another round together. Amazingly enough my wife actually appeared to be sated for the first time in recent memory. By dusk instead of the usual strokes and loving caresses we always give each other in passing we were instead avoiding physical contact. She was sore, I was numb, and we were through. She told me I should be proud, and I said anytime I can take on a nymphomaniac and put her on the sidelines I’m dancing a victory dance.

Apart from the conjugal activities we did have a great weekend. During one discussion she asked me what is the difference between her and other women and why it is special. I told her the proof is in the small activities we do together that are fun and enjoyable. When I pulled out my martini glass in the theater some wives may have gotten testy, but TOW laughed. We strolled the art fair downtown and after hours of peering at creativity we end up making a purchase at the Tommy Bahama emporium. As she wrote we have spirited talks during car rides, more than our fair share of laughs at any given time, and without trying we garner looks and comparisons from other couples.

Essentially we work, and we work well.

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