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Sunday, January 09, 2005

High Calorie Sex, Weekend Fun and Heists

It was a very good weekend.

The diet came to a screeching halt (after jumping a curb and running down a few pedestrians) with some seriously high calorie sex.

We’d already had great sex early in the evening, quietly locked in our room before we went to the movies. But there were dozens of glances and slow smiles exchanged in the dark theater and coming home, we suddenly found ourselves playing with butterscotch syrupy topping, Hershey’s syrup, whipped cream, a vibrator and the digital camera.

Ahhhh. Good times.

It should have been enough, but when we began to stir under the covers this morning and EH asked if I was ready to get up – I just laughed and jumped on top of him, still naked from the night before and we were off and running again.

I only hope I burned half the calories I ingested.

This morning is the kind of Sunday I love. Football on tv, working together around the house. We’re going to wander over to the art festival in our neighborhood soon. (We live in a sort of trendy, bohemian, artsy area).

The movie last night was Oceans Twelve. We were both huge fans of Oceans Eleven. I liked this one more than EH, as the critic was alive and well in him last night. But all in all, we both enjoyed it. I was reduced to giggles when EH produced a perfect martini glass from his pants pocket halfway through the film and proceeded to pour himself a martini from an empty trial sized mouthwash bottle – just as he did when we went to see the original.

After the film, I kept thinking EH and I should go on the circuit, performing elaborate heists around the world. What can I say? I’m easily influenced.

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