The Odd Wife

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The *RIGHT* way to unwind after work...

Maybe it's the new haircut...but lately, I look at my husband and just want to devour him.

Last night, with daughter at cheerleading practice, we settled in to mindlessly stare at reruns of sitcoms on the tv for a few minutes and I just wanted my hands on him. Innocent enough to begin with, soft strokes through his shorts. Moving into freeing him so I could get my mouth on him. I have a complete oral fixation. Food, candy, cigarettes, pen caps, penises - you name it, I want to put it in my mouth. I've always earned high praise for my efforts in this department, but this time hubby asked if I had been watching the porn movie we borrowed from friends. I asked what he meant and he complimented my technique. LOL. Okay, I was just kind of doing what came naturally...

A few minutes pass and we're running out of time. We now have about 7 minutes to pick up our daughter. I yanked off my stockings and panties and climbed on his lap. A minutes or two pass and I pause to check the time and he whispers "Don't stop". So I didn't. It was lovely...just lovely. Being married to a man I am so intensely attracted to just can't be beat.

There's only one problem. I seriously suspect I am a sex addict. For a woman, I just want it all the time, every moment of every day with nearly anyone I lay eyes on. I don't indulge in my aspirations to be a total whore because I love my husband...VERY much.

But...if you happen to be a man walking past and I glance at you. Odds are good that I'm wondering what you'd be like in bed and what would turn you on.

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