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Friday, July 15, 2005

Of Thieves

Another day, another drama.

Our elderly landlady (who had the stroke last month) was moved from her rehabilitation facility to Tennessee to be near her daughter. We got word of the move last minute and were unable to say goodbye, which saddens us. As much as she was a pain in the ass for 5 years, she was a part of our family. We shared holidays, birthdays, tears, arguments and just shared our lives. With her family not wanting to be involved with her, we became her only family. It feels odd to have her gone from our lives.

Her other daughter came down today while we were at work and packed up a few of the valuables. That's when she discovered a collection of pewter Christmas Carol spoons had been stolen. The collection hung prominently on her wall for as long as we have known her and I pointed it out to her family the last time they came down a few weeks back. I suggested they take it, they didn't then and now it's gone. The rack hangs empty.

I am so angry.

There are two possibilities. One, that we stole them. And I can assure you, we did not. Two, well - two pisses me off.

Our building is 2 two-story townhomes adjoined. On her side there is also a small one bedroom efficiency that she rents out. An elderly man lives there. A chain-smoking, tattooed, beer guzzling older man. He's actually pretty nice and I don't suspect him. I DO suspect his disgusting daughter's boyfriend.

His daughter looks like something that stepped off Jerry Springer. A 300+ pound stringy haired unemployed trashy woman. She dates this cave-man looking dirt bag who has recently taken to sleeping in his truck in our driveway with his stereo blaring in the middle of the night. The kind who struts around greasy haired, can of cheap beer in one hand muttering "fuck you" and staggering about. A real prize for any girl. Why these two losers are staying with her old man in his teeny tiny 1 room place and WHERE the hell they sleep since there is ONE bed and no chairs in that Marlboro Smelling room is a mystery to me, but they have access to my landlady's place by way of a connecting door. Seriously, I smoked for years and you can get emphysema just standing at his front door. It's gross.

My landlady's daughters don't know what to think. Obviously, in their minds we could have also done it - which pisses me off because we took care of their mother far beyond anything they have ever done. We have never taken a dime from her. We aren't like that.

Well, I'm not. EH, as it turns out, does have a history of theft. For reasons I will NEVER comprehend, he steals the cards advertising the Slurpee flavors from 7-11's. He's been doing this for over 10 years and he has a huge stack of them. Tonight, we stopped for Slurpees and as I browsed the racks, I spotted an empty space where a flavor should be and just glared at him. He needs help. I keep imagining the scene when he gets busted someday.

Do you think he'll do hard time?

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