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Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Weekend Cometh

The weekend arrived at last, though not as smoothly as I would have liked.

Friday, I managed to escape the office near 7 pm and had to decline the Friday night after-work invites in lieu of escape. I was happy to get home. EH and I tried to watch a DVD, but found ourselves too tired to finish.

Today, I returned to the office for a bit with EH in tow. SG had gone to play at a friends for the day. My manager was there and I was perked up a bit by her mentions of my job. She wants me to really manage my staff and to ensure that my staff come to me directly with issues. I went from being a manager of no one to being department head over a small group of people. It will be a challenge to find the "leader" in myself. I can easily tell you how a department should be run. Actually doing it will be different. Will I be a mean boss? Will I be weak? Will I be bitchy? Will EH survive with me as his boss? I'm supposed to groom one person to take over my manager role within 6 months so I can move on to a larger position in underwriting...will I be fair?


I want to point out something new. On the left there is a poll for you. We have an idea for a fun and amusing or introspective post between EH and I discussing...well, whatever you vote for! So, cast your vote for the topic you'd most like to hear us dialogue together and we'll get to work on it.

I did promise you something special this weekend, right?

I'm going to go work on THAT right now.


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