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Monday, November 14, 2005

(Insert Jaws Theme Song Here)

A pesky little email surfaced in my gmail account over the weekend, perfectly illustrating many points in my mind. I decided to share it here since some of you have been reading since the days of yore and are privvy to the past-drama and how it has shaped the present.

The "other woman" that EH had the affair with last year emailed me to accuse me of "digging up information on her and contacting her ex".


In my spare time, between surviving an intense natural disaster that reduced my home to rubble, coping without electric for 2 weeks, moving, sleeping on friend's couches and ending my marriage, somehow I am believed to have found the time and resources to play Nancy Drew and stalk this non-entity of hate from the past.

I'm a multi-tasker, sure, but this is a bit ambitious even for me.

First, I'm thrilled her ex found out, and I personally hope that he makes her life every bit the living hell that she once made mine. But beyond that, she is below worthless to me.

Nothing is the same in my life. My home, my marriage, my career, my family have all been reformed and truthfully - the future looks bright.

But first, some hard times to finish out...EH and I concluded the discussions and the final decision was made to end the marriage. EH is surviving, but hurting and I'm doing all I can to make it easy for him. He's been so kind and understanding that I am confident we will remain on excellent terms for SG. Beyond that, I think we could genuinely be friends.

PlayBoy has been hinting at a new name. He feels that he has outgrown his "playboy" status with his promises to me and has asked me a few times when he'll get a new name. I had held off, but in light of moving forward, I have finally settled on one for him. I warn you that it's cliche, tacky and not-even-remotely-original, but it is fitting.

PB can become PC for Prince Charming. Because, truthfully, he makes me feel a bit like Cinderella. PC is a very handsome, incredibly charming, successful and brilliant man who has long worn the image of a PlayBoy. His capacity for love has shocked me immensely. Between declarations of undying love, song lyrics, marriage proposals, Tahitian vacation planning and an incredible desire to take care of all of my needs, worries and anxieties - this new monicker fits well. I still have to admit to being a bit in awe at being the one to win his heart. PC counts former Miss Texas beauty queens, Senators daughters' and other notables among his previous flames. I have literally seen women throw themselves at him. He's educated, ambitious and full of plans for a brilliant future - and I hope to be at his side to see them to fruition.

I know that it will take time for you to "accept" the dramatic role changes on this blog and I'll weigh the decision to move this blog carefully should it seem right...

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