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Friday, October 21, 2005

Wilma's Whim

I'm at the mercy of Wilma.

Depending on what Wilma does in the next 24 hours will determine whether or not I travel to Orlando Sunday morning. I'm exhausted from preparing to go/preparing not to go and all the inbetween.

EH and I attended the Panthers/Capitals game last night and cheered our team on to victory in the company of friends and family. My lovely little SG (SillyGirl) was there and was happy playing with PlayBoy's children under the watchful eyes of PlayBoy's wife. Even my little sister was with us with her latest Mr. Right (who looks bizarely like Danny Bonaduce).

We had special admission tickets to the WCI Club which allowed us to enter a virtual heaven full of complimentary gourmet buffets, open bars, free massages and an oxygen bar. My sister and I tried the oygen bar and - frankly - found it boring (though nice smelling).

A good night in all...

Wish me luck, dear bloggies. Should I end up in Orlando, it's going to be a neat trick to get there and back on the roads in a Hurricane.

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