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Monday, October 17, 2005

7 lbs

Well, it seems emptying my junk drawer mind was good for more than just the soul. In the past week I have lost 7 lbs.

PlayBoy and I started to diet together. Since PlayBoy eats lunch with EH and I every day, it seemed perfectly acceptable to try to diet together and we've both been great about keeping each other in line. EH taunts us with carbs, but so far, so good. I even made it to the gym 3 times over the past week.

I'm still working hard, that shouldn't surprise you, but I feel good.

SG and PlayBoy's daughter, Moira have become good pals and SG spent the night there Saturday night, leaving EH and I an empty house to enjoy each other thoroughly...and we did! Thoroughly!

For lack of anything more interesting, how about some responses to recent comments?

Pretty Peanut: You didn't upset me, hon. I told you, the anger never really went away for me (so far). I'm actually okay with it. I don't let it get the best of me most of the time, but no - I'm not healed. I gave you my most honest answer but I was calm during it.

Cinderella is a lie: No, I'm not bi-polar now (maybe someday?). I wish it was that simple. I've just been through hell and I'm still finding my way. In this blog, I pour my thoughts out - but if you met me in person you would know me as this vibrant, outgoing girl with a smile always on her face who stands up well under pressure. And yes, being bi-polar IS awful when it means you alienate your family and attempt suicide. I don't see much good in it for my mother.

Samantha: I wish I could! I have a business trip to Orlando next weekend. :(

MWCB, Rob & Rosie: I hear ya...I think of you 3 like my conscience some days, lol.

What a dull post. You have my apologies for it. I owe you a much better one...

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