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Sunday, October 02, 2005

My Sunday Catharsis

First of all, it was comfortable. Secluded. Dimly lit and positioned in the ideal center of the action.

Tbe brisk chill quickly turned my nose and cheeks to cool. The sounds around me filled me with exhilaration. The lights dimmed and an overblown blonde who clearly sees herself as Britney Spears' long lost twin took her position and belted out the national anthem with eardrum bursting pitches.

And then, it was time. I clutched my hands, I leaned forward...and I burst into tears.

The Florida Panthers took the ice in front of me for the first time in years. Damn, I've missed hockey.

Let me describe our private box suite to you. Private restroom. Dining table and chairs. Two rows of seats plus a bar. DEAD CENTER ICE. Inches from my fingertips is the game announcer and the tv cameras. One level down, the team owner sits in his box exactly beneath me. It's pretty fucking amazing.

The Panthers beat the Tampa Bay Lightening 4-0 in a perfect shut-out. There were a few minor scuffles, but mainly peaceful ice time. The amazing thing about our score is that 80% of the game was a Tampa Power Play as one by one our Panthers did time in the penalty box. The refs were trying to make their points by calling everything in tbese pre-season games.

After each period, a uniformed attendant delivered the statistics of the period and every player to our box.

I guess you might say it was heaven...

Season opener is Wednesday night. You can be sure I won't be missing it.

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