The Odd Wife

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Saturday Night Special

After working all day and accomplishing infinitely less than I had hoped, the night has developed into a night of plans.

SG will spend the night with friends and EH and I will go out on the town with Gman and Dgirl. Fun, sure. I hope. I'm praying we can NOT spend the night talking about work. I'm also praying it's an early enough night to lead to some skin time for EH and I. If I had my way, we'd just stay home with SG out for the night and play together. A lot. Maybe go to a strip club, something arousing...

Do you ever wonder about what life holds in store for you? I feel like something is just around the corner and I should be preparing. I hope it's a good something. I hope I know it when I see it. I hope I make the right choices.

I hope the night is fun. I hope EH and I have a wonderful time.

I hope I can stay awake!

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