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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Wasn't I promised a weekend???

And so, The Corpse Bride was lovely. Just lovely. Not enough to replace my favorite The Nightmare Before Christmas, but still charming and beautiful. The amount of painstaking work that went into it was nothing short of inspiring. The seamless flow of the characters is created by filming puppets frame by frame. Everytime a character blinks, it's shot after shot of a "puppet" with the eyelids being lowered a fraction at a time and them run together. 24 frames to a second. It took 3 years to make. Art.

I'm not sure why the dark side of things appeals so much to me. Spooky, dark, creepy things just thrill me. There's a white wedding cake adorned with skulls in The Corpse Bride that had me gasping and longing for it as my own wedding cake. I'm not gothic, but for some reason the beauty of the dark side of life just appeals to me.

Today I worked. Poor EH bravely escorted 3 small children to Disney on Ice while I toiled away. I still think he had the worse end of the deal. Meanwhile, myself, BestFriendM and new boss (I think I will call her LadyR) worked.

I like LadyR. A lot. Strangely, we seem to be a lot alike in personality and professionally I admire the hell out of her so far. She's also beautiful (in my opinion, hopefully NOT EH's!) and I find myself laughing a lot with her. She seems to have her shit together and she does NOT take crap from anyone. I hope this all bodes well for the future. Three women, one company...look out world!

Tomorrow...more work. Us three gals will rejoin and get that office in line OUR way. I am sad to miss my weekend, but I know it needs to be done.

Perhaps you could go play in the sun for me?

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