The Odd Wife

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Just So You Know...

There was hot sex in the house last night...oral sex, missionary sex, girl-on-top sex, toy-play...

...and a very satisfied Odd Wife and Even Husband managed to drift off in a naked, contented sleep.

Mid-day today when stress was building, I turned to EH and said "You're going to have to really give it to me again tonight."

But how was your day?

PlayBoy quit today. I blew a gasket in response to the 40th childishly bitchy company internal message and responded with a bitchy one of my own. I expected a reprimand and instead was congratulated by everyone from my boss to the company attorney. Un-freaking-believable.

I found a pair of PlayBoy's boxers in his desk drawer. There actually IS a logical explanation for them being there, but it's lengthy and dull and you'll just have to trust me. He had left them behind by mistake, so I took them and tacked them up to my wall.

No one's objected. GEEEZ, how far do I have to go to stir up trouble?

Tomorrow is bound to be my final straw.

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