The Odd Wife

Saturday, September 10, 2005


Engines are revving up.

CB was certainly a mite nicer to me yesterday. Either she has a plan or she thinks I don't. Either way, it was an easier day.

Things have certainly changed in the office. A bit like a John Huges movie, almost. My cell phone rings day and night with PlayBoy's calls. In the evening we spoke for an hour about the business venture and in the morning he called me as I finished dressing for work to discuss it again. Neither of us can come up with flaws. He chatted on about kids and so on...

An hour prior to lunch, G-Man was in our office asking EH and I if we were having lunch together at the same place we went to the previous day. PlayBoy stuck his head in as we agreed and added himself to the guest list.

At day's end, we 5 business refugees raced to the other office to meet as a group and tour the facility. The office is not the greatest, but has potential I guess. The meeting went very well and so far all are on board.

Today should be a bit insane. We're expected to attend a party at CB's house. All of us. We all feel like we damned well better be there to maintain "normal" appearances for the time being - but it's going to be nerve wracking.

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