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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Who'da Thunk?

In the past 24 hours I have brought three key point people together for a professional meeting of the minds and got every single thing that I ever wanted plus a few dozen perks I didn't dream could happen.

We're down to actual execution and I am reeling.

Remember me saying I'd either win big or lose it all? It's looking extremely likely that I am winning big. Huge, even.

Is that counting chickens before they hatch? Does it help that I have perfect eggs in a perfect environment?

It's not without it's ugliness. My plan unfortunately didn't work in CB's favor. I tried to structure her into it and she refused to bow to the authority figure that will have to be in place and chose to get ugly instead. She only knows a fraction of the opportunity and has already begun treating me like enemy #1. I predicted her reaction to such an extent that EH was shocked and stunned by her behavior. She followed my prediction as if it had been scripted for her. I'm disappointed that she couldn't let go of her ego enough to work this out considering I kept her as a vital part of the plan, but the total domination she wanted was out of the question. She'll insist that I backstabbed her, but the truth is - I did it initially for her...

I anticipate much trouble ahead with her. Much trouble. For all of her religious preaching, she can be a nasty, nasty person.

On the other hand - holy shit. I just accomplished something that the professionals were struggling to put in place for months in mere hours and made a true name for myself among this group. No one will be underestimating me again.

PlayBoy, a major key to this all could only repeat "Holy shit" over and over when I filled him in on what I had locked down. Top execs and major players couldn't get done what me and my best friend did in ONE day. Best Friend. Oh, yes...the sweetest part - regular readers know M and I have worked together before and she was my accomplice. She'll be running the show. And no one could do it better. She and I have dreamt of this opportunity for many years and even we're giggling to ourselves in awe of what's transpired. All joy aside, professionally she is another essential key and in 24 hours she's proven it.

It's going to be fast. Very fast. And I can't wait to be able to talk freely about it all very soon.

In the meantime - thanks for those good wishes and crossed fingers. I think *you* had a little something to do with this, you know?

I keep asking "Who would have thought...?" And you know who answered me? EH. He said "I did." And he truly did. He's always had a world of confidence in me and I can't deny that I am tickled pink to have impressed him again. Success or failure aside, that means the most to me in the end.

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