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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Okay, Okay...

Well, I'd hoped for more than 4 guesses so my ego is wounded! What, something like 120 of you pass through here daily and can't venture a guess?

Anyway, rather than holding out - I'll give.

You were all wrong. :)

1. I've participated in professional research of the paranormal. (TRUE! I was briefly a member of the South Florida Ghost Hunters Research Team when curiousity got the better of me and I wanted to see what they saw. Did you ever play "Bloody Mary" as a kid? You all scare yourselves witless and everyone swears they saw something? It's like playing that game as grown-ups.)

2. I've been unfaithful. (TRUE! Never been unfaithful on EH, but I was unfaithful to boyfriends in the past)

3. I've exploded in a violent rage and struck EH. (TRUE! Not a shining moment. The day I found EH's email secret sex life I exploded. I had learned I was pregnant a few days earlier and I was beyond devastated. I slapped at him in a hysterical fit over and over and EH stood there refusing to so much as put up a hand to block my pitiful flailing. He later said he felt like he deserved it. I felt like he did too, but I'm opposed to hitting anyone (well, almost...) and I apologized profusely months later.)

4. I've lied on my resume. (FALSE! Aha! Never thought this one, did you? I've never actually had to lie. My experiences are well rounded and I have extreme confidence in my professional abilities)

5. I've been arrested. (TRUE! I was 14. I was with two boys who were shoplifting. I was the idiot holding the bag for them. I was dared to take something and grabbed a box of hair color and promptly was grabbed by security. I spent 4 hours in a holding cell waiting for my parents. So much for my criminal career!)

6. I've had sex with a stranger. (TRUE! I was young and foolish. He was a pilot.)

7. I've had sex with a woman. (TRUE! I was young. It was basically a teen slumber party gone awry)

8. I've been in a movie. (TRUE! It should be released someday soon. I play a waitress with no lines who walks around a diner while Dyan Canon and Michael Nouri flirt it up. I won't get a screen credit without lines, but I was there! When it's released someday, you can watch for the redheaded waitress who has to walk between the flirting pair as they speak. Talk about nerve racking...I would NEVER do it again.)

9. I've danced on stage (TRUE! Hell, yes! To ABBA's Dancing Queen, actually. I was a big hit in the dance club that night.)

10. I've seduced a married man. (TRUE! Not a proud moment in my life. I was young and stupid. I was an ass. I not only ended it, but eventually revealed it to his wife when a situation arose in her own life that I felt she HAD to know about this for her own good.)

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