The Odd Wife

Saturday, September 03, 2005

I'm Looking for Someone...

I'm looking for someone, have you see her?

She was a playful woman, full of laughter and silliness. A woman who smiled a lot. A woman who loved a lot. She loved to watch tv curled up with her husband. She was addicted to a handful of shows. She loved to go to the beach, to read, to do arts & crafts, to go to the movies, to make love. She danced around her living room all the time. She cherished moments of peace. She thrived on simple pleasures like a Sunday spent at home "puttering" around the house and spaghetti dinners.

I miss her. You wouldn't believe the pathetic zombie she left behind.

If you see this woman, the one I'm looking for...would you ask her to come back?

I really need her.

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