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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Here Comes the Hurricane!

What can I write to you about, dear bloglit?


Not for lack of material, it’s been beyond plentiful.  But for confidentiality purposes, I can’t much delve into details.

So much going on.  Private meetings.  Alliances.  Opportunities.  Possibilities.  It’s all around us.

I’m working my ass off, as usual.  Beginning to lose weight because I never have time to eat.  (Not a bad thing!).  Even if I bring my lunch, I find I have no time to actually get up and make it.  I just keep working.

It caught up with me today.  For most of the morning I ran a high fever at work and felt like roadkill.  But, I know my body and I knew if I threw myself into work I would forget that I felt so badly and it would go away.  And, it did.  My fever broke and I survived.

SG’s open house was tonight and while there was no time to speak directly to her teacher, I was pleased that when I raised my hand to ask a question he called upon me with “Yes?  Oh – hello!  I LOVE your daughter!  She really keeps me on my toes!”  No other parent asking questions garnered a personal remark about their child.  

SG is brilliant and sociable.  She’s often brighter than the adults around her and has no fear of pressing questions or contradicting an adult if she knows something different.  I can only assume that she is (as she does every year) co-teaching the class.  Some teachers are amused, others annoyed.  He seems entertained.

Schools are closed tomorrow and Friday because we have a HURRICANE bearing down on us.  I’m actually too busy to notice and just hope it blows past without any missed work or damage.  

I’ll be a good blogger girl and post diligently through the storm, so long as electric holds out.  We’ll be working tomorrow and I will begin to post tomorrow after work.

A preliminary glance – gas lines are 45 minutes PLUS long and the grocery store was pretty busy.  No mad rush yet, beyond gas!  The air is cooler and we were treated to a stunning sunset of pink clouds swirling over a teal sky behind a silhouette of palm trees stirring in the tropical air.

Hurricanes or not, I still love living in tropical South Florida.

We live in Broward County, for those tracking the storm and we work on the edge of Palm Beach County.   So, if you follow the storm news – cross your fingers that we make it through without disaster.  We’ve all learned how devastating these storms can be after last year.  Last year, we were evacuated 3 times and lived without electric for 7 days in sweltering temperatures.  It was hellish.

Meanwhile, I can’t wait to be able to share some of the excitement with you!  It’s pretty amazing stuff!  Just know that we’re doing good and my ego is being pumped daily with a team of co-workers that make my life feel…well, wonderful!!!

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