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Friday, August 19, 2005

The Other Man...

EH got a mite jealous picking me up from work tonight to find I was alone with a co-worker. Not just any co-worker, but THE co-worker. I've called him the top producer a few times, but I suppose he deserves a blog name, so hereon I will call him PlayBoy. Because he most definitely is.

For the record, this is PlayBoy who was my dirty dancing co-hort on the trip last month.

Anyone else and EH might not have blinked, but PlayBoy is openly flirtatious with all women and extraordinarily charming. Every girl, including me, is victim to his charming southern smile and his flirting. He's also worth a ton of money.

Now, before you cock an eyebrow, no...nothing happened. We worked and occasionally we talked. And it pleases me to no end that EH was a bit jealous.

PlayBoy is adorable. All sweet charm and openly womanizing. He has an innuendo for every comment you make and keeps us all chuckling. Well, the girls anyway. Beneath the facade, he's a nice guy, plain and simple, and would never try to seduce a married woman (unless said married woman asked him to).

And, I did not. My virtue is intact, even if my ego is a bit plumper from EH's reaction.

A couple of things though. One, I'm in love with EH. Period. I was devastated last year by EH's actions and would never hurt him that way. Two, I'm on my period, remember??? Did you really think I'd be having messy trysts in my office? Yuck.

And three, PlayBoy is fun to work with and while I adore his occasional attention, I see him for what he is. All charm and charisma overtop a very preppy, yuppy, status-obsessed overgrown frat boy. He may amuse me, but he's not exactly sweeping me off of my feet.

There IS another man who does knock my heels off. Sexy, amazing...a man I can get unbelievably hot just thinking about. If I had worked with HIM alone tonight, I may have been seduced - period or not. I can't help but hope an opportunity to seduce him comes my way.

For the record, said man is my husband. I still desire him more than any other man.

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