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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Oh, the Drama!

So, today is CB's (Crazy Boss) wedding day. I am more nervous than the bride. I just picked up the wedding cake, a two tier frosted monstrosity, that is my $150 gift to them.

Being in charge of protecting the cake is making me insane. I think EH was ready to pitch me out of the car on the ride home.

In typical Odd Wife fashion, I am a walking catastrophe. Last night, I stayed up late to tidy up the house, read a scary story and scared myself so that when I shut the living room lights off, I ran for the stairs, tripped and fell UP the damned stairs, hurting my finger, skinning both knees and scraping up my calf. EH was perplexed at how I ran from the "Boogeyman" and fell UP stairs. I thought my finger might be broken for a bit since it turned purple and swelled up so fast, but it's perfectly movable, so it seems to be fine.

I dyed my flaming red hair a slightly brownish color to try to avoid clashing so garishly with my very purple bridesmaid dress.

I'll be underway in just a short bit to drop the cake off (hopefully in tact!) to the restaurant, then meeting the bride at her honeymoon suite to make her pretty and dress myself. The ceremony is on the beach and we'll be partying the night away at a local jazz restaurant/lounge.

The guests are dubious at best. Understand, CB has known her groom for a little over a month now. Dated him for about 4 weeks. Lived with him for 3 1/2 weeks. Her 4 children seem comfortable with it. I want her to be happy - and she seems to know her heart, so my job is just to be supportive of her and trust that she can decide for herself.

The week wrapped up another crazy one full of wedding plans, work and a hectic pace. Friday, one top producer brought me to a meeting in Coral Gables with a wealthy investor, and several prominent realtors, attorneys, brokers, etc. This is the same executive I dirty danced with in Orlando last month. We had a good time, laughing lots and the meeting went well. Afterwards, we ducked into the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino to have a quick cocktail, play $20 in slots and returned to the office. So, my productivity was lacking on Friday.

EH and I have SWORN that tomorrow will find us sitting around our house doing absolutely nothing. Remember those Sunday's I used to love so much? Watching TV, tidying up, spaghetti dinners? That's my dream day. It's literally been about 2 months since we have even been home except to sleep. We're both looking forward to it.

I hope YOUR weekend is less chaotic, equally fascinating and full of love. I'll let you know how the wedding was tomorrow!

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