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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Straightjacket and Hand Ties Required

How do I even begin to convey to you the past few days and my thoughts? I am among crazy people and this weekend was officially more tiring than the week.

Where do I start?

How about the phone call I received just before leaving work on Friday? My half-sister (who is 20) calling to find some comfort. Her mother (my former step-mother) has a progressively degenerative illness called Huntington's Chorea. She's had this for 10+ years. She has deteriorated so terribly. She has full time nursing care in her home and now weighs about 80 lbs. Skin over bones. My sister tries to help take care of her since she is basically alone (except for nurses). In the past week, she has become more and more violent, beating my sister and attacking her car like a scene out of Cujo screaming "I hate you!" She's being moved to an assisted living facility this week now, but my sister is in pieces.

To move on, I have to assign names to my work folks...

CB: Crazy Boss. She's a few years older than I am, mother of 3 children, petite, Southern drawl, attractive, whirlwind dervish of a person. I have never in my life seen this woman sit still. She always has 47 things happening and 20 people in her face and she never gets flustered. I am torn between fear, admiration and awe of this woman. She can talk anyone into anything and sell ice to an Eskimo.

BF: Boss's fiance. They got engaged in my presence July 22nd after dating for about 3 weeks. He's a super nice guy and seems to balance her.

So...CB walks outside and sees me on the phone looking tense and asks what's wrong. We talk and she says that they (her, BF, her son D (9), her daughter B (14) and an elderly co-worker) are heading to get a Mexican dinner down the street, do we want to come?

I LOVE Mexican. We do.

Now, SG (our daughter) has spent the past 2 weeks in our office with CB's son who is the same age. These two have become the best of friends. Over dinner they are now inseperable. By the end of the meal, CB wants my SG to go home to play with her son D while we go out with them for a bit. We agree.

SG ends up sleeping over his place while EH and I are shocked to find ourselves wrapping up the night with Denny's meal at 2:30 am. We go home and sleep until nearly noon.

Our Saturday plans were to finish the Back-to-School Shopping but now we have no SG and despite our best efforts we can not seem to recover her. CB, BF and the 2 kids are on the road a county away doing errands. There are delays at every turn that become comical and it's 4:30 before we have a chance to reclaim her. We arrive at CB's place and we are drawn into their insanity again with their pleading for us to go shop and then return to grill steaks and play games. We take her son with us, take off in CB's swank pricey SUV (she insisted) and shop for 3+ hours, then return to a steak dinner.

Hilarity ensues.

CB and I are growing very close. She now calls me many times a day and wants me to stand up for her at her wedding. We are, I think, on the verge of being very close friends. She and BF have decided they do not want to wait, they want to get married THIS MONTH. She and I attempt to plan a whirlwind wedding.

We play games and it's again 2:30 in the morning when we get home, a sleeping SG in our clutches.

EH and I sleep til noon. We have plans with S&M and the kids to go see a movie. A little normalcy and my best friend and I have not seen one another in 3 weeks. I wake and my first message is from CB. They are now needing to get married NEXT WEEKEND so BF's mother can attend.

Will I help?

Holy smokes...

CB is currently driving around trying to find 2 houses. One for them and one for us. She's determined to make us their neighbor.

EH and I are just...overwhelmed. Life is spinning around us with increasing speed. We're surrounded by crazy people. And we're becoming part of them.

I dearly, dearly hope that our day today goes AS PLANNED. An early movie with friends, possibly a bite to eat, home before dark to just RELAX. I have this worrying feeling CB will come up with something ridiculously insane tonight and we'll be swept away...but I am determined to resist.

(I can't deny it's all been a little fun). EH and I are both feeling like our life keeps undergoing these dramatic changes...but so far, all for the better.

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