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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Why We Work

With my bride waxing at length about our luck I have to weigh in somewhat with my take from the other side of the bed. While I concur that a fair amount of fortune is involved in a pair coming together (read our story of getting together and you will know) there is something more happening here. Not just in the blogosphere, The Odd One and myself have been held up as an example in the terrestrial real as well. Our best friends, whom we have documented with troubles, often have fights where our names come up as examples of what they want in their own lives. And at our brief tenure at work our Ops manager became engaged recently when her guy looked at us as a model of what he wanted. (Bear in mind they have been a couple for but a fortnight).

But while I think some luck is involved with two souls linking, our marriage is nearly a decade old for a reason, and I suggest primary in everything is communication. We have a rather open line of dialogue between us that is easy to evidence. Admittedly we are two completely different individuals but it is the commonalities that bond us. Look at some of the peculiar items in recent blogs that we share. I have always loved the look of a woman in a corset, and it is not purely sexual--I love the abject femine nature of it. It turned out OW was curious about it as well, and over the years we have collected some and she loves wearing them. But this was not a product of me hinting, or saying, "Why don't you even wear those?" We talked about it, and things grew from there. Same with our affection for vintage pin-up art. I love them for the paradox of innocense and sexuality, and for the retro-lounge imagry. OW as well found an affinity for this realm.

The thrust is we talk--to each other. When we go out I always see couples of varying ages, sitting quietly, even remorsely, barely speaking. The two of us don't share a car ride without a conversation, and usually with laughs. I should change one word. I don't like calling it work.

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