The Odd Wife

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Moving & Shaking

Work, work, work. That's it. Work, work, work. Last night I worked until 2:30 am without a lunch break or eating dinner. When EH tried to wake me for work this morning, I threatened his life 7 different ways, swore I would fire him and insisted I was demoting him to janitor. It wasn't pretty.

Both EH and I are excelling. I am being trained for yet another promotion, while still enjoing my management role. EH is being groomed to replace me as manager. We're making friends. We're making progress.

If we weren't working together, who knows how we'd manage...? As it is, we're being run down and our life is an endless work cycle.

We made it home just now and I decided to blog a hello and then go to bed. Early, I know - but...I need it.

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