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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Jiggity Jig for the Prom Queen

Home again, Home again, jiggity jig...

The Tradeshow was a blast and every physical and mental extreme I have was pushed and pulled. I went 3 days on a grand combined total of 7 hours (non-consecutive) sleep. I drank enough to put someone in the hospital (but paced myself well and thus, avoided becoming luggage). I danced, I worked, I explored, I rode rides, I sang songs - I thrived.

I rode up to Orlando with my boss and enjoyed 3 1/2 hours of quality time. We arrived at 2 something in the morning and my co-worker room mate was already fast asleep. I fell asleep by 3:30 am. We got back up at 7 am to get ready for the day's event.

Our Friday shifts were short and we escaped with plenty of time to go play at Universal Studios. We made it home, soaked and sunbeaten with no sleep in time to shower before we were picked up from our hotel in a SUPER SWEET stretch Hummer with flashing neon lights, mirrored ceilings and more alcohol than I have ever seen in one place (all courtesy of our two top producers who are 'party boys').

The night went to the kind of chaos that naturally evolves when a group of hard-partying co-workers with two much money and too little self-control. My boss got spontaneously engaged to her new boyfriend, we sang and danced like lunatics and cash bets were placed on the expected "screwing" of the "Prom King" of the night and another young woman who have a bit of chemistry between them. "Prom King" is the "quarterback" of the company. A charming, nice-looking guy with a ton of disposable income. He's been flirting it up with the cute girl (a friend of mine) and everyone was sure he'd sweep her off her feet that night. Bets were made...

No one expected the wildcard to turn out to be me.

Somehow, Prom King and I got to dancing while young woman sat out and drank. The more alcohol, the more innappropriate the dancing became and it wasn't long before he was attached to my hip for the night and pushing for my attention. Much later, on the ride back to the hotels (cute girl & I rooming in one, the rest of the office staying at another hotel), he made himself comfortable with his head in my lap and one hand playing with my hair while making suggestive remarks and innuendos. All eyes were on us as EH is very, very well-liked with this crowd. I learned later that there would have been a major ass-kicking from a couple of the other guys if anyone suspected Prom King was going to try to take me to bed. He was trying alright, but he was cool about it and responded well to my request that he behave himself. No hard feelings, a good time was had.

I was flirted with in a big way by the Prom King of the office. It was fun being Prom Queen for a night and riding around in a stretch Hummer with all drinks and such paid for. But - as you should have already guessed, that's where the story ends. I was immune to (though impressed by) Prom King's charms (where most girls would have definitely caved in...this guy was a pro!) and I escaped with my fidelity well-in-tact. I also called EH first thing in the morning to fill him in. As is typical with EH, he chuckled it off. EH knows full well that while I thrive on the sort of sexy attention I received and where I may even encourage it - I stop it right there. EH knows I can be trusted.

The next morning, I was in even more agony. Hung-over, no sleep and taking care of two seriously drunk friends. I finished out the trade show and caught a ride home with S (of S&M - best friends). S was attending the show with his own company and was happy to have company for the ride home.

And now, I still need some major sleep. I'm wiped out and still coasting on the wild weekend. I'm happy as heck to be home and thrilled that I got to go all at the same time.

It did my ego good...

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