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Saturday, July 23, 2005

While My Bride is Away--Random Weekend Amusements

Friday was a good one at work for me. Things were blowing up in every department but my own and I literally felt like I was in the calmness at the middle of a cyclone. I did my best to diffuse things for the stressed masses. One woman who gets my style was in another office and while the four women spoke rapidly I walked in and said, "Harriet, I have a question so everyone has to stop talking now." Minutes later she came to my desk laughing saying the others had no idea I was kidding and they were speechless for a full minute before she explained. (Funny thing is later the others started talking to me for the first time as they walked by my desk.)

Later a girl from closing was panicked and standing over my desk to talk with someone else seated in our office. Without a word I held out a PEZ dispenser and she took one while talking rapidfire. A minute goes by and then she looks at her hand wondering where she had gotten PEZ. I love those moments.

Other good things abounded too. While rushing to get to the bank in time to get cash deposited so TOW would have fuel for her partying--I mean business trip--I made nice discoveries. Great sub shop across the street for one. And very close is a mighty fine cigar shop with wide selections and a lounge that is open to the public. Lastly I scored a nice DVD. TOW said that it sounded like I was not even missing her, but I explained that with her away I was having a "guys night", just by myself.

So in that mood here are some senseless amusements.

Daiquris and Guns--the Perfect Match
NRA endorsed fun from THE WEDDING CRASHERS website. Click on "Quail Shoot" for an atypical target game. Things start off normal enough, then the screen announces DAIQUIRI TIME! at various intervals. Before you know it you are shooting woozily while seeing triple.

Here is a priceless mug-shot. The guy was arrested for huffing in a hardware store. Of course, since he has yet to stand trial we have to say "allegedly" huffing.

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