The Odd Wife

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tales from Hump Day

I would love to tell you tales of EH and I, sweat slicked and breathless. Details on two needy bodies coming together with minds lost to the passion of the moment. That moment of sweet shock upon penetration, or the feel of taking him into my mouth.

I would love to describe the frantic increase in our movements as we rose to climax. To remember our brows pressed together, panting, eyes closed, bodies shivering...

...but I can't. It was a blur. After so much time without a moment to play naughty, we raced to the finish line with record breaking time. We just couldn't control ourselves. Hopefully this weekend will allow for more languid playtime worthy of a post.

Work continues to dominate our lives, but in an increasingly good way. EH is impressing folks left and right - bonding with "the guys", dazzling the boss - you name it. I'm still proud of running the best damned department in the place. We're both making new friends that seem like people we're going to really enjoy spending time with. We're all going out to blow off some steam tomorrow. Saturday, we're all planning to go play Laser Quest.

I'm ready for the weekend...! Even if it will include mixing work in.

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